Hello and thanks for visiting!

I hope you find something to interest and maybe inspire you in the stuff I plonk here. You will find that I love sharing thoughts on the process and techniques of creating images.

I work as a professional illustrator and my clients have included people like Macuser, Vodafone and Capital One. Here, however, I am simply out to have fun, share and perhaps connect with some of you out there who may have visited here – leave me a comment or two to let me know you have called round!

You can visit  which is my main portfolio site, and I have a brand new shop with some nice things to grab here.

Oh, and my spotify playlists are here!


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5 Responses to “Hello!!”

  1. kevbrett Says:

    Loving your work!! Thanks for the suggestion on IF…will get to work on something.

  2. Little Pixy Boots Says:

    Hi, thanks for being “focused”. I like your illustrations very much so I’m adding your site to my blogroll. Hope you’ll take a look at my site too 🙂 Little Pixy Boots

  3. Jude Cowell Says:

    Dear Phil,

    Am adding you too – great work and i esp love your cats! The red/black one knocks me out.

    Would it be fussy (or helpful, hopefully) to say that you may have a missing word in your intro’s 2nd line…?

    It’s the Virgoan function which relates to proof reading and such — sorry! i don’t intend to meddle but thought you might want to edit if i’m correct.

    Love your Art, Jude

  4. Man Garnier Says:

    Hi Phil – looks very interesting work. I’m currently looking for illustrators to collaborate with animators (where Flash skills are required) to produce work that might not otherwise be produced from talented illustrators such as yourself.

    Well – you did ask for comments at the beginning of your home page!

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Man Garnier

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