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June 9, 2009

This is classic, absolutely classic. Have to say too – I still love a book or magazine rather than the web. I still like buying dvds rather than downloading a movie. I am a fan of the tangible! Heres to print!



June 8, 2009

Here are three loveable fiends from way out west (waaay out west indeed…). They are the companions of Pedro The Eveel Bastardo, whose handsome features grace the picture below, but I thought these three guys deserved their own close-ups….


Here is Amador, the leader of the trio. He is sort of regal and has a grace about him, if a corpse – pecking fiend of the desert can have such qualilties….


June 8, 2009


Diego is the bad tempered (well…..MOST bad tempered anyhow) member of the gang. He lacks organisational skills and tends to spend alot of time flying about on recon, although being subtle is not his strong point either…


June 8, 2009


Gaspar is the true fiend of a trio of fiends. Hs ruthlessness makes him reckless to the point of abandon. He one cruel mexican. Always on the look out not only for bodies – which he has a plentiful supply of thanks to the activities of Pedro – but also for any opportunity to get in on The Eveel Bastardo’s action….

Pedro’s Beeeeeg GON!!!!

June 8, 2009


Pedro the Eveel Bastardo is an old character that has been lurking in the hot arid desert of my mind for a few years and I have finally got him out on show with a few friends in the background. You will be able to view the close ups of these handsome fellows above. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE FULL COMP.


June 4, 2009


Poster idea

June 2, 2009

This is just having fun, but I am chuffed with the way the lettering came out here – the pizza 10% discount particularly. I have just been doodling and then seeing what I can make out of the doodles. This one started with a simple skull shape inspired by some South American “Day of the Dead” type icons in some illustration work I saw in an older copy of 3×3 magazine today, and I just made up the rest as a make believe band night poster.


Today’s image

June 2, 2009


and another quicky

June 1, 2009


Quick sketch

June 1, 2009

Did this just now using Corel Painter. Its just nice to play around with an ink brush and work really freely – the program gives you such freedom and the variety and weight of line is comparable with working straight onto paper.