Pedro’s Beeeeeg GON!!!!


Pedro the Eveel Bastardo is an old character that has been lurking in the hot arid desert of my mind for a few years and I have finally got him out on show with a few friends in the background. You will be able to view the close ups of these handsome fellows above. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE FULL COMP.


2 Responses to “Pedro’s Beeeeeg GON!!!!”

  1. David R Says:

    I’ve not commented on the close ups (obviously) but I’ve looked at them all!

    I think they’re great, especially this one. It reminds me very much of something you might see in a Hergé’s Adventure of you know who, or something of that sort, only with wonderful phonetic (or however you spell it!) Mexican accents 🙂

    It’s really fun to have a close up picture of each of the vultures, true to the whole concept theory I guess. Are you going to be playing around with them in the future? One could easily create a story around these dudes!


  2. Phil Brown Says:

    Yes! The vultures have a good story behind em and closing in on them really brings out each character yes? You shall be hearing more from em in the future! Cheers Dave.

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