Mad prof stage#3

I have made some changes to the tonal values and am at the moment thinking white coat with some very light blue shadowing, but that could change.

The nice thing about working in grey tones to begin with is that you get a good sense of the contrast values that you need between colours in the palette you eventually go with.

The black outline just gives the figure such a nice punch out of the composition that I know at this point I am going to keep it. The feel I want is mainly flat colour and a quick render is what I am after in this one. When I leave the outline off its usually because I want to deepen textures and give the shapes themselves a more “3d” look with soft shadows and textures created in Photoshop and sometimes Corel Painter. I find that if you try to do both a strong outline and work more into the substance of the shapes, the two conflict and the image looks ugly and overdone.


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