Mad prof#2

Now I have all the main areas covered and have even added the dark areas of his coat. Working with a vector program is an easy way to make adjustments on the fly and if you compare this stage with the sketch below you will see that I have brought his shoulders up inside the coat and his neck is now alot shorter. The reason for this is the drawing doesn’t make enough anatomical sense to get away with – for me anyhow. In the sketch there is nothing filling that lab coat at the shoulders and although I like the exaggerated feel of this – a thin guy being swamped by a big lab coat – I have toned that down a bit, but plan on keeping much of the same feel.

This reminds me how important drawing is to me. I have found often that a final rendered piece can be brought down by an elelment in the drawing that is not resolved – whether that be a difficult pose or some foreshortening… is ALWAYS worth spending time on the initial working drawings of your design. A bit of patience and perhaps some pain makes the final result MUCH easier to achieve once you reach the software stage – in my experience of vector drawing anyhow.



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