Mad Prof Stage 9

Right! I think I am happy with the colour palette. I was tempted to leave the background in monochrome (all comments welcome of course!) but I am in a happy mood and thought let’s go for all colour everywhere. However, I have kept to a limited palette. This is really important in my opinion, when creating characters using a vector program like Adobe Illustrator. The strong, flat colours that this program is so good at producing gives a certain look….a bit like the certain look you get in CGI cartoons: no matter who is making em, Disney or Pixar or Dreamworks, they all have a certain quality about them that is defined by the technology being used as the tool. I find if you put too many “flavours” in the mix you lose the strength that is inherent in vector illustrations.

Right, now for some finishing touches and cropping in Photoshop…..


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