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Progress on the sun face

December 8, 2009

This morning’s progress:

I am getting really excited about this as I have not really explored working in this way with Photoshop much before. Now that the eyes are making sense I have become a bit bolder and started using the soft brush to paint directly into the image, as well as using more selections created with the pen tool and then softened as needed in Quickmask mode. It is very much like a painting process in the sense of building up layers of tone and colour.

Earlier yesterday:

I started adding areas of darker tones with richer oranges. Using the sketch layer as a guide, I created shapes with the vector tool and then changed the paths to selections which I then feathered in quickmask mode using Gaussian blur. Once things started to make sense I also painted freehand with a very soft blurred brush.


Sketch of sun and detail

December 7, 2009

I have enough work into the sun now to be happy to take the job into Photoshop now. You can see in the detail picture below the “girl of his dreams” face too.

I continued with the sketch in Painter and then saved it out as a psd file again, before opening it up and drag and dropping it into the main working file: I did this because I had increased the size of the original Illustrator file substantially before taking it into Photoshop, so I needed to transform the sketch to fit the new A3 dimensions once I had dropped it into the main file.

Progress on the figure

December 7, 2009

Well, at present I am happy with the painting I have put into the figure in Photoshop. I have added a simple pattern to his jumper and think it suits the type of character that we have here.

I am now going to go back to sketch stage in Corel Painter and finish off the sketch of the sun and then go through a similar process in Photoshop using the brushes and making some masks to create a feeling of shape and character. Once the sun is done I will move on the the clouds and the birds…..not sure if I will leave the background as white at present, but I think its probable – I love white backgrounds: keeps things simple and punches the character out at you.

Stage 3 and a jump into Photoshop!

December 5, 2009

Well, I took the plunge and jumped into Photoshop’s painting and masking tools and began working up the face straight off, using the sketch I did in Painter as a guide layer in Photoshop: set over all the other layers using Multiply blending mode.

I jumped in here because I was eager to see what the face would look like using this approach. It isn’t finished quite yet, but I have done enough to know that I like what it promises. I can go back to the sketch stage in Corel later to work up the sun face some more, but I think I am done with Illustrator for the time being, since I have been using the vector tool in Photoshop to create selections from paths and then blurring them softly in Quickmask before using them as masks to paint or fill through.

Stage 2 “Besotted”

December 3, 2009

Heres stage two of what I am calling “Besotted”.

You can see that I have saved the Painter file as a .psd and brought it into Adobe Illustrator as a placed file. I then set that layer as a template and began drawing the base vector shapes of the figure and the clouds. When working in Corel Painter I tend to save out my files as I go along as Photoshop files, because I often jump between the 3 programmes of Illustrator, Photoshop and Painter during a project.

You will also notice thatย  I have had some more ideas about the image itself and jumped back into the drawing in Painter and added the beginning of a smiley, dopey looking sun and also an extra bird. This is why I LOVE working digitally – the imagination can run wild and things can be added or changed at any stage of the process – it is totally organic.

sketch for piece entitled “Cloud 9”

December 1, 2009

This is a pencil I am working on for an illustration on the theme of love. I thought of the goofiness of being completely besotted and wanted to create to goofy characters to show that.

I also just scribbled in the little bird on the thought bubble and he has become my favourite thing in the drawing so far!

I am actually drawing this up in Corel Painter. I have been working in my traditional sketchbook alot recently, but have returned to Painter for this and remembered why I like it so much – I find I can be freer and more daring because I can simply undo any mark or stroke so quickly that I find that I don’t care so much about making mistakes…..I know I should feel the same way about drawing on paper, but Painter is so easy to use as a sketch tool – and provides quick results – that I find myself leaning towards the digital at present…

Watch this space for the next stage in this piece.