Stage 2 “Besotted”

Heres stage two of what I am calling “Besotted”.

You can see that I have saved the Painter file as a .psd and brought it into Adobe Illustrator as a placed file. I then set that layer as a template and began drawing the base vector shapes of the figure and the clouds. When working in Corel Painter I tend to save out my files as I go along as Photoshop files, because I often jump between the 3 programmes of Illustrator, Photoshop and Painter during a project.

You will also notice that  I have had some more ideas about the image itself and jumped back into the drawing in Painter and added the beginning of a smiley, dopey looking sun and also an extra bird. This is why I LOVE working digitally – the imagination can run wild and things can be added or changed at any stage of the process – it is totally organic.


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