Progress on the sun face

This morning’s progress:

I am getting really excited about this as I have not really explored working in this way with Photoshop much before. Now that the eyes are making sense I have become a bit bolder and started using the soft brush to paint directly into the image, as well as using more selections created with the pen tool and then softened as needed in Quickmask mode. It is very much like a painting process in the sense of building up layers of tone and colour.

Earlier yesterday:

I started adding areas of darker tones with richer oranges. Using the sketch layer as a guide, I created shapes with the vector tool and then changed the paths to selections which I then feathered in quickmask mode using Gaussian blur. Once things started to make sense I also painted freehand with a very soft blurred brush.


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One Response to “Progress on the sun face”

  1. David Says:

    Dude that’s awesome 🙂

    Liking it so far!

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