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January 28, 2010


January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

January 26, 2010

sketch this morning

January 19, 2010

Final image

January 18, 2010

Done and dusted! Sorry its been sooooo long but it was a GREAT christmas!

I decided in the end to finish this up as a flat vector image. I think “sitting” on it over christmas made me feel that it was looking overworked and “fluffy” with the Photoshop painting, so I went for something a litle more “quick n dirty”. I reworked alot of it in Adobe Illustrator and then put the finishing touches to it in Photoshop using the Hue and saturation tools.

I also decided against the female face in the cloud. The hearts do the trick in getting across the message of being in loooove and I liked the little bird so much that I didn’t want to take away his visual presence.

Hope you like.