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ONLY 100 prints of this postcard available

February 26, 2010

I had such a positive response to the Noir detective guy that I have just this morning sent off the image for full colour postcard prints. There will ONLY EVER be 100 of these cards and I am selling them in packs of 10 on ebay. Each one will also be signed my me post-printing, with the date on.

There will be more sets to come with different designs. So click the link and get em while they exist!


noir character

February 25, 2010

Been inspired by a short story by Harlan Ellison that a friend sent me. I am a sucker for good noir and it got me inspired to try something new with character work. I have taken an economic approach to this one and quite like the way he came out. The geometric and simpler shapes seem to suit my design background and I think I shall explore this approach more in the future.

in the spirit of the month….

February 2, 2010