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Latest illustration…..still on an “i” theme

March 23, 2010

I am a big fan of those B movies where there is a deep dark jungle to explore and lost treasure to be found. They always seem so wonderfully theatrical – the black and white lighting, the sets, the costumes and the characters. I love iconic characters like the English Explorer,  the Dangerous Native, the Mysterious Woman or the Otherworldly Being”.

In this illustration, I started with a simple explorer character and thought that I could play with my favourite theme of the moment – the ipad and the idea of being “connected” wherever you are. I love the idea of Google maps and thought up this scenario here.

I didn’t sketch out a pencil comp for this really, just a very rough line sketch for the basic character. I then just started creating him in Photoshop right on the screen and thought “lets just see what happens and what my imagination comes up with as I go…..”

In the end, I felt I wanted to simply set a scene with atmosphere. My interest was drawn to the simple shapes of the giant trees and the idea of a rough pathway or “gateway” leading on into the unknown darkness. The ipad screen  is like a lantern shining to light the way!

When I was a child, I remember being fascinated by these card characters from Doctor Who that you would find in Weetabix packets. On the back of the box there was this wonderful scene that you could cut out and make into a sort of theatre set for the characters to stand against. I still remember that with fondness and excitement. These simple tools made it possible to create another little world where amazing stuff went on!

I have the same feelings when I think of christmas pantos that I went to – the stage became this gateway to another world and the set painting and cut-out boards  with trees, walls, castle turrets and mountains on still influence my illustrations today.

I decided to stop this illustration at the point where the “message” of the picture isn’t forced with loads of detail, but where the “”stage” is most definitely set and the sense of the start of a wonderful and great adventure is fizzing in the mind…….


on-the-move cloud computing comes ever nearer with the ipad

March 19, 2010

I am really really excited about the ipad. But then I love gadgets and here is one slick gadget! I recently bought an iphone and am finding for the first time, that it really is possible to be “online all the time”. Connected, it seems, to everything……then I got to thinking about the term “cloud computing” and how this idea is so ethereal, so abstract….having all of your “stuff” just hanging up on some invisible server somewhere, some cloud… I played around with  an idea and thought the image of being tied to your little cloud by a piece of basic white string from your hi tech gadget. The little cloud follows you round everywhere as you dash along, feet on the ground, brain in the online zone, tugging its string…..

Enjoy the image and let me know what you think about the ipad and the advent of “cloud” computing, the “ideal” of being online all the time or having all your memories and data in a cloud…….does it make you feel good? Or not?

New illustration

March 18, 2010

some excerpts from painting experiments

March 17, 2010

Sometimes its just healthy to let go and have some fun working in completely different ways to your normal modes. Illlustrating for a living can result in the development of tight, ingrained habits in your approach to work, particularly when so many briefs nowadays do not allow for experimentation and an more intuitive approach. As a way to break out of the boxes we tend to put ourselves in, its a great idea to loosen up and learn to get intuitive again. Take risks and know that none of it matters: you’re not working for an art director, there’s no-one looking over your shoulder……you’re free to have fun, to explore, to be stupid, emotional, adventurous…..whatever it takes to rediscover that creative, intuitive spark. Below are some excerpts from my own attempts this week.

The whizzzzz!

March 16, 2010

New piece, just finished this afternoon. For the portfolio! Let me  know what you think!