some excerpts from painting experiments

Sometimes its just healthy to let go and have some fun working in completely different ways to your normal modes. Illlustrating for a living can result in the development of tight, ingrained habits in your approach to work, particularly when so many briefs nowadays do not allow for experimentation and an more intuitive approach. As a way to break out of the boxes we tend to put ourselves in, its a great idea to loosen up and learn to get intuitive again. Take risks and know that none of it matters: you’re not working for an art director, there’s no-one looking over your shoulder……you’re free to have fun, to explore, to be stupid, emotional, adventurous…..whatever it takes to rediscover that creative, intuitive spark. Below are some excerpts from my own attempts this week.


2 Responses to “some excerpts from painting experiments”

  1. Matt Says:

    brother these are interesting! nice to see you using some creative flow…

  2. David Says:

    Hey Phil!

    How weird is it that I actually did this today, on the computer, just because I was feeling frustrated! It’s a nice release not to think about what one is doing sometimes.

    At the end of flailing the mouse around and adding random colours, I realised I’d come up with a rough resemblence of the earth…. weird huh?

    Liking these, particularly the top one!

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