on-the-move cloud computing comes ever nearer with the ipad

I am really really excited about the ipad. But then I love gadgets and here is one slick gadget! I recently bought an iphone and am finding for the first time, that it really is possible to be “online all the time”. Connected, it seems, to everything……then I got to thinking about the term “cloud computing” and how this idea is so ethereal, so abstract….having all of your “stuff” just hanging up on some invisible server somewhere, some cloud…..so I played around with  an idea and thought the image of being tied to your little cloud by a piece of basic white string from your hi tech gadget. The little cloud follows you round everywhere as you dash along, feet on the ground, brain in the online zone, tugging its string…..

Enjoy the image and let me know what you think about the ipad and the advent of “cloud” computing, the “ideal” of being online all the time or having all your memories and data in a cloud…….does it make you feel good? Or not?


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One Response to “on-the-move cloud computing comes ever nearer with the ipad”

  1. Patricia Casal Says:

    Very good design, diseño muy bien logrado.


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