Stage 15

And here is the final. Phew! I made the Tiki wording a bit bigger (you can group all the layers of an object into one folder and then convert it to an editable Smart Object, which is superb for doing things like this that are made up of numerous layers.

I then added “Lounge Grooves” in a slightly tighter, colder and more “techy’ style to give some slickness to my cd cover to contrast nicely with the Tiki wording.

Click on the image to see it bigger – I uploaded a bigger version here for you to see it proper like!

For those of you visiting here for the first time, you need to click back to older posts at the bottom to see how this image started out as a doodle in Photoshop. I have included thoughts abut my creative process and some tips about using Photoshop to create your images. I hope you will find something inspiring in here! Leave a comment letting me know if there was anything helpful to you!


One Response to “Stage 15”

  1. David Says:

    Dude, that came out really well!

    Loving how it came together so well towards the end. Good finishing touches.

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