Stage 2

Okay, so at this stage I am beginning to draw in some loose and organic leaf shapes with the brush tool. These I figure will become a big part of the background. I am a character guy. What I mean is I tend to think of the characters in my images first, then where I might place them. Most often this is not difficult, as the type of character often easily suggests the “world” that they might inhabit. Here, my DJ character’s curves suggested the curves of exotic plants on a tropical island. I have been listening to some great club tunes on Spotify with loads of ambient sounds and with album artwork of sunny paradises. My mind was filled with images of cool clubs and grooves surrounded by jungles!

I wanted my DJ to be centre stage and have a feeling of control and movement all at the same time. At this point I also knew I wanted jungle or plant shapes suggesting big glossy leaves and mysteries beyond! At this point I also had the idea of the DJ “serving up” great tunes as if on a platter – hence the record shape put in here using the elliptical marquee tool and creating basic shape to work from.


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