Stage 3

I decided that the two big leaf shapes were a good place to start and provided a rough sense of a loose centralised structure –  rather like stage curtains. I used the Pen Tool to create vector paths, then converted the paths to selections and filling them with an initial colour. This process of drawing paths and then making selections from them is the core of my drawing process within Photoshop. I have used Adobe Illustrator in the past to create the basic primitive shapes before exporting and working in Photoshop, but lately, I have found that its quicker and easier to work in Photoshop from the ground up. This way, I can keep the spontaneous flow of ideas going without havingto faff with exporting and files and switching all the time. The beautiful thing about Photoshop is that once you have mastered the tools you use in your day job, you don’t think about HOW you are doing things, just WHAT you are doing. I hate software that isn’t intuitive and gets in the way of the creative thinking process.

You’ll see that I also added basic shapes for the dais that the DJ is on. he sketched lines are denoting bambo, the top denoted by a large stylised bone shape – in keeping with the “Tiki”, “Dark exotic forest/cannibal” feel that was by this stage brewing in my fevered mind…..


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