Stage 4

Now I am really motoring to get all the basic shapes and possible colour areas in. I find it so difficult to relax and work in this way – often, my tendency is to start focusing down on one little bit of a composition and then I slow down and start getting precious at the wrong stage.

I am continuing to add primitive, basic shapes in for the hat, the head, a second record and you can see the basic shapes for the turntables with really stylised arms and needles. I love working this way in Photoshop because for me, less is more. I feel when I keep things simple that they have much more graphic punch. My weaker work is always the stuff where I try to draw to much or even try to work like someone else. Here is an important key: when you first start out practicing and exploring in Photoshop (or with any creative tool in fact), emulation and imitation are good things: you can learn alot by copying stuff from other masters of those tools. Once you become confident and have started to use the tools in the way YOU want though, you will find that working honestly in your own natural way is far more powerful than constantly trying to be “as good as” or like someone else.


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