Stage 5

At this point, I feel I actually DO need to focus in on a small element. At a certain point in the creative process, I personally need to bring one or two elements to a state of resolution. This gives me a confidence that the rest of the image will work out well enough for me to continue and feel good about it!

For this I chose the DJs face and started adding in painted areas using shaped selections and a Dissolve Brush. This type of brush can give a wonderful airbrushed/stippled effect that at once gives shape and mass to objects, while remaining nice and soft.

You can see how I created the impression of his mouth by clicking on the image and seeing it a bit bigger if you like. The fact that his hat hideas his eyes and the ciggy in his lips just makes the character for me. When you are working on a character design, try to work loosely and quickly and play with elements or props that can emphasise the character’s “story”.


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