Stage 6

You can see from the image now that I have added in more layers for the greenery: there are numerous layers each with one plant shape in them. I NEVER use layers sparingly and admit that I am a rather untidy worker! I tend not to spend time labelling each layer nowadays, as I can use the auto select option on the Move Tool to click and select each layer as I see it and need it. That said, for a few years I ALWAYS labelled my layers as it helps to know where you are and I STRONGLY recommend that you do the same until you are so fluid with your process that you don’t need to. When I am working for a client who requires a layered .psd file, I ALWAYS make sure the layers are clearly labelled.

Note the use of the dissolve brush to start bringing volume to the bone, the torso of the character and the wood frame of the dais. The bone now looks like it is fat and thick and overhanging the dais. The whole picture is starting to become more ALIVE. This effect is accompished through deciding how you want objects to cast shadows on each other.

Again, I use the Dissolve Brush to paint in dark areas using shaped selections or the Preserve Transparency option in the layers palette. Indeed pretty much all my layers have that option checked for most of the process of making the image.


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