Stage 8

Okay, this is the stage that led to changes I really did not foresee until I had gotten to this part of the image process. Even here, I did not yet see a very simple way of achieving a look far closer to my imagined idea than I had come to at this point.

The inclusion of spotlight beams in this intense light blue and the creation of typography in a bright pink did two things: I now thought of the image as a faux club tunes album cover, and the use of the blue beams with a low opacity setting in their layers started to change the underlying colours in interesting ways. This is what I love about Photoshop and colour: the many ways overlying layers can blend with each other to create wonderful colour effects – and this is without exploring the Blending Modes that are included in the programme! Just simple opacity settings can give you great effects that can start to take your image making to new heights!

Note again that the spotlight beams are made up of two very simple shapes – the elliptical end and the tall thin triangles of the beams. Again created using the Pen Tool and then converted into selections. The highlighted areas are put in using the Dissolve Brush.


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