Stage 9

And here is the big change! I suddenly wondered what it would be like to have the bluey, almost ultra violet toning over the background and the DJ, so I did this:

Added a new layer above all the layers I wanted to include in the colour effect.

Filled the layer with the blue I wanted.

Changed the Blending Mode of this filled layer to Hue. The result was what I had imagined in terms of the DJ character suddenly really being a part of the night and the atmosphere – like he was orchestrating the whole evening. The background of leaves and jungle shapes really come alive and work well as a ground for his lighter and almost luminous figure.

I decided to leave the dais and the turntables unaffected by the overlaid blue, since like this they seemed to get a new, vital presence in the image and really give more a sense of depth due to the contrast. Now, I loved the image. It had gotten to a point I had not imagined initially and that is the point where, for me, it took on a life of its own: the point where the unexpected occurred. THIS IS FOR ME THE WHOLE POINT AND PURPOSE OF NOT BEING COMPLETELY CONFINED BY A PERCEIVED PLAN. Always have an element of “fast and loose” in your work and you will find rewards. For me, if I had not forced myself to start with a straight, unstable doodle on the blank screen, the image making process would have started under too much control.

Note the highlights on the leaves and the turntables. These give the spotlight beams more presence as they are now more “real” in the sense that they cast their own light. To render these on the leaves, I simply loaded each leaf shape as a selection and painted away on an overlying transparent layer within the selection. I always use a new layer even for painted highlighting, since then I can easily change the colour or delete the layer later.


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