Eat More Fruit poster in progress

Chipping away at a new poster at the moment. The background was very busy with lots of colour and tonal changes, but fun to do because I could base it all on simple shapes and work freely straight onto the screen in playing with the arrangement. It needed to be BUSY and BURSTING with fruit, rather than considered and composed, so I enjoyed that bit. Now I am in the process of adding in the children in the foreground. I am after different poses and personalities eating fruit in different ways, so this part is taking a little longer to sketch out and render. The details in each figure need to be enough to make them stand out against the wild background.

You can see from the screenshot how I am starting with playful little doodles/sketches to find figures I am happy with. The boy is final and I have enough in line for the girl to know where she is going, so I have started setting down the basic shapes that will make her up.

I will post the final in a day or so. You can subscribe to the blog if the stuff interests you and feel free to email or post a question or comment regarding using Photoshop or about illustration in general.


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