A surprise in store…..

I love my work. The main reason for this is the flexible hours, but it is also so exciting when something occurs during the creation of an image that takes you in an unexpected direction.

In Photoshop, this can happen in so many ways, but the simplest things – like switching off a layer’s visibility, or messing around with the hue sliders – usually lead to these kinds of moments for me. Here, I switched off the blue base colour layer and was struck by a new direction for the look and feel of this image. I usually work in rich, thick colours, but the lack of a solid base colour, with the brushed textures now standing out starkly against white, suggested a rougher-edged, almost more handmade feel may suit these little monkeys.

The rest of the label design is now coming together in my mind in a much looser, freer way. I have to play around a little with the relative tonal values of each of the shading layers, but other than that I am going to hold back on making the monkeys look any more “finished”.

I have added in the simple lines for the happy expressions and again, the less-is-more approach impressed me as the way to go here.


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