The iPad arriveth in the UK!

Well, I have to say, it is a marvellous piece of hardware. Really really REALLY nice!

Apple delivered my new ipad on promptly this week and I have been having a whale of a time with it so far. I confess to being a gadgethead par excellence. I was the guy in the midnight queue for the first xbox, the chap outside Blockbuster waiting for his new PS3. I even tried out Apple TV for a short time until I realised it was a redundant technology.

I love that feeling of anticipation and excitement as a launch day for a new piece of kit arrives and so I thought the feeling would make a good excuse for the illustration below. If you read the previous post to this you can see the sketch that I based it on initially. It took me a good while longer than the few hours that I anticipated, but here it is. I highlighted the calendar icon in the home UI to emphasise the release date for the ipad in the UK. AS far as I am currently aware, Apple have sold LOTS. At some point, I will post a list of the apps I have bought and am having immense fun with, both games and some surprisingly powerful creativity tools.


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