first mess around with sketchbook pro on my new iPad!

This is the first proper experimenting I have done since buying sketchbook pro for my new black slate of joy. Have to say that the program is quite versatile in terms of an on-the-go sketch and paint program. It doesn’t begin to touch Corel Painter or Photoshop for ease of use, but for the way that it turns my iPad into a budget cintiq pad, I am well pleased. I am looking forward to being able to think and draw and paint on the move, then email the results as layered Photoshop files (nice option there) to my studio and use the images later to work up possible images from.

I am using a stylus to do the painting. I bought it from eBay. It is called a Pogo Sketch. It’s a simple aluminium tube with a spongey blob on the end. It works quite well, although a little unresponsive. It makes up for this by providing me with more accuracy and with the “feel” of drawing.


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One Response to “first mess around with sketchbook pro on my new iPad!”

  1. matt Says:

    Like it bro – glad it’s working out…x

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