The centre of operations!

Well, this is it. Headquarters for illustration and other things besides. Today is a beautiful day here on the isle of Anglesey so I thought it in order to take a few pics and let you see where I work on images and people (more on that in a bit!)

The studio was built from scratch by my brother in law last July. It took him 6 weeks to do. It is fully insulated and made of panel board and clad in pine. You can live it. Indeed, we use it as an occasional spare room for visitors. it still smells of new wood nearly a year after its opening!

This is the area today right outside the studio. The picnic table was a present this month for my 42nd birthday. The grey object you see is the prized outdoor hot tub. We bought it a few years ago thinking we would not be moving from our previous place…….how wrong we were! We had to get a crane to lift it out and carry it to the new place!

Beyond the screening you see, there is an acre field where we are going to house a couple of pigs and where our chickens roam….

This is my illustration workspace in the right front corner of the studio. I run 2 monitors off a Powermac G5. The extended desktop is now essential for me due to the busy interfaces of Photoshop and Painter. Plus, I can keep spotify open and access it easily! The bookshelf is full of illustration and art books which I use for inspiration. I often take a break by leafing through one or two at random. The chair you see there is an excellent lumbar/core chair from that is superb for maintaining a decent neutral curve in your lower back while working at the screen for long periods.

This is taken from the front door. On the left you can see the workspace, and behind this a larger area which is used for the training and movement therapy components of my other business – I run a sports and remedial massage business.  The studio is perfect for clients who want to train for fitness as well as for rehabilitation from injury. Its a bit different to illustration, but I love the contrasts between the two roles: on the one hand, I very rarely meet clients who I illustrate for. On the other, massage and bodywork gives me the opportunity to work closely and dynamically with different people all the time. I love it!

Here is the massage and bodywork treatment area. I trained at the London School of Sports and Remedial Massage in order to start up this business a few years ago. Clients seem to love the wooden studio environment, which does not feel clinical and cold at all.

If you are reading this and live in the area of North Wales, then feel free to call to arrange a visit and find out more about what we do here. You can read more about Phil Brown Massage at the website.

And finally, here’s Frank, our rooster! I am very proud of him. He is great to take photos of and his feathers look like they are covered in shiny varnish! He looks after his 10 ladies very well!


3 Responses to “The centre of operations!”

  1. sonja usry Says:

    Love the flooring in the studio. Earth tones and wood make a person more relaxed I’ve noticed. Putting in bamboo flooring in my yoga studio that is inside of our Lake House, which is being built in Mississippi. And of course, who wouldn’t love Henry!

  2. jmeel allen Says:

    Hey Phil! Love the workspace, must say I’m rather jealous. Hope all is well and good : )

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