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fast prep sketching using Brushes HD ipad app

June 3, 2010

I have been playing around with a couple of wonderful ipad apps. One is Brushes for ipad and the other is the excellent Sketchbook Pro. Both allow you to make sketches and paintings on the fly, wherever you are using the ipad. Its turning out to be really useful! Below is a short video of a prep sketch I made this morning for an illustration I am working on called “Tiger By The Tail”. I will post the final piece later.ย  EAVB_SKVCPUHUCA

I have been working using the ipad sketch done in Brushes as a loose guide and have now gotten around to establishing the basic shoaes in Photoshop for the final illustration. I am very happy with the way that the tiger seems to be shaping up….I always feel that the simpler I can be with the basic shapes, the more powerful and satisfying my final characters tend to be. I don’t do well trying to be too complex!

Well,ย  I have come to the stage where I can chuck the sketch layer away and start building up the image based on the shapes I have put together in Photoshop. This is a fun part as the illustration begins to take on a life of its own as the shading and deeper colours start to mix together on the canvas….

The tiger is now really starting to take shape. I am really pleased that he is developing his own character from something as simple as a quick Brushes doodle.

Here’s the completed image. I am really happy with it. I played around with adding some type but that just diluted the visual impact and sense of the moment. The flat blue sky and the picket fence add to the humour of the piece and I think this would make a great greeting card. Perhaps with the message inside of “good luck with your new project”, orย  “here’s to your new business”……..!

I used a photograph of some grass I took while away on a short break. I thought it would make a great texture here.

Overall, I am chuffed because this image started out as a quick doodle in Brushes for ipad (see above), which for me means that the ipad can have a functional, useful role in my work as well as play!


final label design

May 12, 2010

I wanted to maintain the slightly lo-fi feel to the design, while taking it further than the tee shirt stage, with the new colour section and the liquid-like curves cutting the image into two. I liked the idea of the qualities of a strong ale translating into the visual, so thought that dividing the monkey illustration with a liquid curve of “beer” would give the feeling of slight innebriation and a sense of disorientation. While the monkeys’ simple smiles prevent this from having any unpleasant connotations.

The Monkeywrestle lettering was hand-drawn and then the utilitarian Courier used for the “Strong Ale” typo, giving the feeling again of a quick and dirty label on a cheap bottle of beer. I envisage the design on white paper wrapped this way around the belly of a brown bottle.

and on the way we made a tee shirt…..

May 12, 2010

I have made a few adjustments to the relative tonal values and stopped for a break to upload this onto a tee shirt. The image at this stage just felt right for the back of a shirt!

Click on the image and you can view it at my shop.