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Progress on the figure

December 7, 2009

Well, at present I am happy with the painting I have put into the figure in Photoshop. I have added a simple pattern to his jumper and think it suits the type of character that we have here.

I am now going to go back to sketch stage in Corel Painter and finish off the sketch of the sun and then go through a similar process in Photoshop using the brushes and making some masks to create a feeling of shape and character. Once the sun is done I will move on the the clouds and the birds…..not sure if I will leave the background as white at present, but I think its probable – I love white backgrounds: keeps things simple and punches the character out at you.


Mad Prof Stage #5

November 25, 2009

Aaaah….I love doing the liney bits! Once you have the basics – lights, darks and of course the main shapes of the drawing rendered effectively, putting in the keylines just makes the character spring to life! Its the fun part and aside from messing with the soft shading in Photoshop or the colours and texture, for me its the most satisfying bit. The for me is to keep the line economic and SIMPLE! Don’t go crazy and let the basic drawing you started with do the work. A bad drawing bring a design to its knees no matter how much “fuss” you add to hide the problems.

Mad Prof Stage 4

November 25, 2009

Now I have added more shadows and started to really give some depth and substance to the figure. The transparency setting in Adobe Illustrator is really useful for this when you want to render one area of shade over another, as in the left side of his jacket collar casting shade over his shirt. Here I used one dark shape with a lower opacity setting to allow the other shades beneath to show through, giving the illusion of depth and solidity.

To create effective vector drawings, it is so important to create a feeling of “rightness” in the chiaroscuro – the interplay between light and dark in an image or object. I think this no matter how simple your final design might be: your drawing ability – your ability to “see” forms as light reveals them to you – is crucial in the decision making process; whether you decide to leave shadows out altogether even….everything is a creative, productive decision (or should be).

Notice at this stage I am leaving his hair flat – I am thinking of building some texture later into that wig!

I have also placed the basic background shapes of a cupboard and a blackboard behind him. These are going to stay simple but need to be here to give context to our character.

Wiz #2

May 2, 2009



April 8, 2009

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